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Our Services

Electric Technical Services: 

  • Design, Construction, Monitoring, Consulting and Support Systems


Power in the following areas: 

  • Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Energy, Communications
  • Computing, Industry, Commerce, Banking, Exporters, Housing
  • High voltage primary lines, transformers
  • Telecommunications: Networks of earth.
  • Arrester systems.
  • Systems primary lines to remote sites.
  • Installing radio bases.
  • Replacement and installation of cables and feeders for RF links.
  • Fiber Optics and Outside Plant
  • Adequacy of 3G and other sites.
  • Alignments of microwave links.
  • Telephony.


 Mechanical Technical Services: 

  • Maintenance, repair and installation of power generator,
  • Maintenance of Air Conditioning Units
  • Structure and Welding protection grille and shell for motor generators, Transformers, battery bank,
  • etc.